Terms and conditions


A. In these terms the following expressions shall have the following meanings, please see L.


B. Contractual Agreements

B.1 The contract agreement between ‘We Have Cover’ and the signing customer will commence fourteen days after the signed contractual agreement. At the initial inspection We Have Cover will inspect the equipment that will be covered on the selected package. We Have Cover will, amongst other things check the equipment is in an agreeable condition and age. We Have Cover’ withhold the right to cancel this agreement if they deem the condition or the age of the equipment to be unsuitable for cover.

‘We Have Cover’ will notify the customer at the initial inspection if there is any issue with the condition of the equipment and whether or not any works are required prior to the agreement commencing.


B.2 ‘We Have Cover’ holds the right to terminate the contractual agreement at any time. Payments will seize from the cancellation date and no refunds will be applicable. The customer will be responsible for canceling their direct debit or standing order from the cancellation date onwards. We Have Cover cannot guarantee payments made after the cancelation date will be refunded.


B.3 This contractual agreement will continue for the period of twelve months from the signed contractual agreement date. This will be renewed automatically and any service or inspection will take place within the second 12-month agreement.


B.4 The services/package selected by the customer and provided by We Have Cover in this agreement will determine the depth and level of cover agreed. In addition to the selected package We Have Cover will provide an annual inspection and safety check to ascertain any defects or faults to the equipment (package dependent). The initial inspection and safety check will be completed at the initial meeting. The boiler will be checked to ensure it has been fitted correctly in accordance to the relevant safety regulations. In the instance that the boiler does not comply with safety regulations customers will be referred to clause B.2.


C The service/packages provided are as follows.


C.1 - Bronze

C.2 - Silver

C.3 - Gold

C.4 - Platinum


C.1 Boiler Cover
(Bronze package)

C.1.1.Circulating pump and valves

C.1.2 Boiler parts

C.1.3 Primary flue and draft diverter

C.1.4 Hot Water, room and frost thermostats


C.2 Boiler and Radiators (Silver package)

C.2.1 Circulating pump and valves

C.2.2 Boiler Parts

C.2.3 Primary Flue and draft diverter

C.2.4 Hot water, room and frost thermostats

C.2.5 Radiators and valves

C 2.6 Flow and return pipe work


C.3 Full Cover (Gold Package)

C.3.0 Circulating pumps and valves

C.3.1 Radiators and valves

C.3.2 Hot water, room and frost thermostats

C.3.3 Boiler parts

C.3.4 Primary flue and draft diverter

C.3.5 System hot water fittings and pipes

C.3.6 Toilet fittings

C.3.7 All cold water plumbing in property Parts and Labour cover

C.3.8 Flow and return pipe work



C.4 Full Cover (Platinum Package)

C.4.0 Circulating pumps and valves

C.4.1 Radiators and valves

C.4.2 Hot water, room and frost thermostats

C.4.3 Boiler parts

C.4.4 Primary flue and draft diverter

C.4.5 System hot water fittings and pipes

C.4.6 Toilet fittings

C.4.7 All cold water plumbing in property parts and labour cover

C.4.8 Flow and return pipe work

C.4.9 Internal drainage pipe work




D. Responsive Maintenance


D.1 In the instance that a customer discovers a defect or maintenance issue with the any of the equipment listed above, the customer must notify We Have Cover by telephone on the dedicated maintenance hotline or email address found on the agreed contract. If the customer does not notify We Have Cover within 24 hours of the defect occurring ‘We Have Cover’ reserve the right not to complete the necessary works

D.2 Maintence inspections/visits to repair failed equipment will be booked in a time slot choosen by the customer. Monday - Friday 9am-1pm or 12pm-4pm. Weekend inspections/visits are not available.


E. Applicable charges


E.1 If a customer reports a maintenance issue to We Have Cover and We Have Cover deem the call out as unnecessary, We Have Cover have the right to charge £49 for each separate incident.

E.1a We Have Cover reserve the right to charge £49 for an appointment not being fulfilled due to the customer not being present at the property, at the agreed time and date.

E.2  Bronze Cover – Unless stated in the provisions of this contractual agreement there will be no charge for parts or labour.

E.3 Silver Cover - Unless stated in the provisions of this contractual agreement there will be no charge for parts or labour.

E.4 Gold Cover - Unless stated in the provisions of this contractual agreement there will be no charge for parts or labour.

E.5 Platinum Cover – Unless stated in the provisions of this contractual agreement there will be no charge for parts or labour.



F. Parts/equipment and labour not covered

F.1 Maintenance services provided by We Have Cover shall not include:

F.1.1 The remedial work required for any fault or issue that arises due to an incorrect installation of equipment or any equipment manufacturing defect.

F.1.2 Any equipment that is external but connected to the specified covered equipment that is not covered within the contractual agreement, including gas pipes, circuitry and main water supplies before the main stop tap.

F.1.3 Any cosmetic repair work required due to any fault or defect i.e paint work, plaster work, wood work.

F.1.4 Required works due to modification or repairs carried out by any other persons.

F.1.5 Any works required due to lack of communication from the customer after We Have Cover have indicated repairs where necessary when responding to any customer communication.

F.1.6 Equipment (service or repair) that is not reasonably or safely accessible.

F.1.7 Equipment that has been damaged due to the hardness of water or the incorrect installation of any corrosion inhibitor.

F.1.8 Equipment that requires repairs due to the negligent or misuse buy the customer or users.

F.1.9 Any equipment that has been replaced (changed) prior to the contractual agreement by the customer or any third party.

F.1.10 Central heating cylinders, external drains, fires, showers and fittings, septic tank, radiators and all taps (taps repaired only).

F.1.11 External and internal flues that are not an integral part of the equipment.

F.1.12 Any other energy management equipment or systems.

F.1.13 Any hot water systems that are unvented and associated equipment including heat exchangers.

F.1.14 Freezing conditions which lead to failure or defect of equipment including the defect being caused by failure of main supplies including water, gas and electric.

‘Act of God’ – any works required after the occurrence of storms, high winds, lightening and flooding,

F.1.15 All lead pipe work and connections are not covered.


F.2 We Have Cover will notify the customer if any services are required that are not covered in their policy. If the customer requests We Have Cover to complete the works required, We Have Cover will be entitled to charge accordingly.


G. Security seal

G.1 We Have Cover reserve the right to seal the boiler with a security tape seal. This is to ensure the boiler is not open or worked upon. If this seal is removed upon We Have Cover attending a break down, the contract will be void and the balance of the contract due for full settlement.


H. Spare Parts

H.1 ‘We Have Cover’ have the right to install parts from a different manufacturer from the original installation.


I. Payments

I.1 It is the customer’s choice to either pay an annual fee or by monthly installment plan. It is ‘We Have Cover’s’ policy that if a customer choses to pay in one lump sum for the year, the payment should be made within the first seven days. If a customer choses to pay in monthly installments a monthly fee will be sent directly to We Have Cover’s bank from the customer. If the customer chooses to pay by monthly installments a non-refundable £19.99 administration fee will be charged and this will be deposited automatically from the customers account at the same time as the first monthly installment.

I.2 In the case that payments are not made as agreed with ‘We Have Cover,’ the contractual agreement will be terminated forthwith and the customer will be notified in writing. ‘We have Cover’ reserve the right to claim the remainder of the contract term (monthly payments) in one lump sum following a missed monthly payment installment plus any additional further charges.

I.3 Customers have the right to upgrade their package at any point throughout the contractual agreement by informing ‘We Have Cover’ in writing. We Have Cover will issue a new contractual agreement, which will start from 14 days after the date the new contractual agreement is signed and will run for a period of twelve months. Customers will not be allowed to down grade their contractual agreement until the end of the twelve-month term.

I.4 Any works completed and valued by We Have Cover over £100 will automatically start a new 12-month contract on the completion of the repair.

I.5 We Have Cover have the right to select the agreed payment date.

I.6 We Have Cover reserve the right to increase the monthly payment charge throughout the contractual agreement. Customers will be notified in writing 28 days before the new monthly payments come into effect.


10. Property transfer

10.1 We Have cover reserve the right to charge £49 for a cover policy to be transferred to a new property. The property will then be inspected as stated in B.1.


J. General

J.1 ‘We Have Cover’ will not be held accountable for any loss of earnings or inconvenience to the customer due to equipment malfunction / loss of services and facilities by ‘We Have Cover’.

J.2 ‘We have Cover’ reserve the right to use their own contractors to carry out all or part of the works required under their contractual agreement.


K. Cancellation

K.1 The cancellation period from the date of signing their contractual agreement is seven days. The direct debit administration fee is non refundable but all other charges will be refunded within 28 days.  

In the instance that a customer wishes to terminate the contractual agreement they are to confirm this in writing to Contracts manager, We Have Cover, Office 3, 5 Burscough Street, Ormskirk, Lancashire.


L. Terminology

‘Contractual Agreement’ signed terms and conditions between We Have


Cover and the customer.

‘Customer’ The signed agreed party.

‘Equipment’ – equipment covered under the four packages provided by We Have Cover.

‘Agreed Payment Date’ – Date in which we have Cover select as date for payment transfer.

“Property Inspection” The inspection carried out by ‘We Have Cover’.


Important information


Prices include all fees and VAT.


Retail, commercial, council and housing association tenants and other premises used for business are not eligible for ‘We Have Cover’s’ insurance packages. We have Cover only offer their services to homeowners who are permanently occupants and sole owners. ‘We Have Cover’ offer specially designed packages for landlords with single or multiple houses. We Have Cover do not cover LPG, electric or oil filled boilers. The boiler must have an input of less than 40KW/hr. Homes that use dual purpose boilers, warm air heating systems and thermal storage units will not be covered by ‘We Have Cover’.


Calls may be recorded for quality control and training purposes. Lines are open 9am to 5pm weekdays.


If you suspect a gas leak, you should immediately call the National Grid Emergency Line on 0800 111 999. The customer must then inform We Have Cover of the situation.


Pests – We Have Cover does not cover against damage or loss of services due to pest infestation.

If you would like a copy of our terms and conditions please email :-



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